A design professional who brings decades of experience and expertise to every project

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I am Nathan Talbert.
A design professional who brings decades of experience and expertise to every project.
I design, illustrate, work with motion graphics, and sometimes even photograph. I’m fuelled by beautiful design solutions that solve problems, simplify messages, and create better experiences.
If you’re looking for someone who combines right brain creativity with left brain problem solving skills to design the hell outta’ stuff, autonomously or in a team, I reckon you’ve just found your guy.
And if yours is a fun, creative, and professional environment, then odds are I’m a good cultural fit too.
I have a B.A. Design Visual Communications Degree from Western Sydney University and 2 decades of industry experience in advertising agencies, web development, telecommunications, and client side creative teams.

I love designing in the customer centric, service design space and have a sweet spot for the creation of iconography and infographics.
Experienced in managing complex workloads with conflicting priorities, I am highly skilled with Adobe Creative Cloud, particularly with Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.
Comfortable working both autonomously or as part of a local or geographically dispersed team, I am a skilled collaborator. Experienced in leading, briefing and directing internal and external creative resources.
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